What Are Santander Cycles

Santander Cycles – The Bicycle Solution

Santander Cycles known colloquially as ‘Boris Bikes’ are a quick and easy way of getting around London by bicycle. Anyone can use them, but you do need a credit card.

There are hundreds of docking stations all around London, so you don’t have to return them to the docking station where you started, you can leave them at the next docking station on your route.

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Why Are Santander Cycles Called ‘Boris Bikes’

Boris Johnson who has served as the Mayor of London since 2008 embraced the idea of people being able to get around London using bicycles which could easily be hired at locations all over the city, following models in other parts of the world.

He was so enthusiastic about the concept that the bikes quickly became known as Boris Bikes.

Bicycles by Santander

How Do I Hire A Santander Cycle

Go to any of the docking stations and use your Oyser card or your credit card. You will then be able to unlock and use on of the bikes at the docking station for a specified amount of time.

Where Do I Find Santander Cycle Docking Stations

There are hundreds of Santander Cycles Docking Stations dotted around every part of London. Use Pronounce.London to find a list of Docking Stations.

Please note that at this time our list of Docking Stations in incomplete, but we are adding to the database all the time.

You can also check with Transport for London which has suggested routes and information to help you plan your journey. There is no need to book your Santander Cycle in advance.

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