British vs American Pronunciation

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British vs American Pronunciation – Which Do You Use?

We’ve found the top words that have a different British vs American pronunciation. We always like to think that English comes from England, and that the British pronunciation is therefore correct, but you might be surprised when you check through our list – you might even be using the American version of the word in your every day conversations. If you’re trying to work out how to pronounce these words correctly, have a look at the infographic.

Our Top 4 British vs American Pronunciation Differences


In the U.K. it’s pronounced the same way that it is spelt: VIT-a-min, vit rhymes with wit.

Americans pronounce it VITE-a-min, vite rhyming with bite.



in the U.K., the word begins with a shh and the “c”disappears, here it is sounded out, SHED-ual.

The American pronunciation, “SKED-ual.” is easier….



Brits shorten this word to advert which sounds quite clever. Vert sounds like shirt.

Americans on the other hand keep the “t” in the third syllable making the U.K “iz” into an American “tize” sounding like this, AD-vertize-ment.

The whole word is broken down like this, ad-VERT-izment.



Brits pronounce the “h” in herb, when referring to leafy greens

The “h” is silent in the U.S. and sounds like “erb”.


Have other words where you’re not sure about the correct British vs American Pronunciation that you’d like help with? Please get in touch! We love the nuances of the English language and there is always more to learn. We’d love to hear of any strange pronunciations that you have come across – please comment below with your favourite Americanisms (or Britishisms) – there are always new ones popping up!