I have a passion for pronunciation, but not in an affected way. Pronunciation can reveal so much about the history and etymology of a word, and pronouncing things correctly is a mark of respect, rather than a pretentious behaviour, especially when it comes to historical cities like London.



L A N G U A G E • E X P E R T

I will hunt down any pronunciation!

I’m obsessed with London place names and have written a number of articles and posts about names across the UK.

I’ve contacted Earl Spencer for the correct spelling of the ancestral home of Diana, Princess of Wales, rectors at major universities and whoever will pick up the phone and give me a definite answer at places like Alnwick Castle (used in the Harry Potter movies).

I’ve corrected Londoner’s on the pronunciation of some places in a city they were born and bred in, and had them come back and say ‘wow, you are right, I didn’t know that and I have lived here all my life’.


I’ve been working on pronunciation websites for over 10 years, and developed my own system of phonetic spelling to make it more reliable, because it’s difficult to pick up words in a foreign language by ear only.

I believe you should use the audio and the phonetics to correctly pronounce the word in your own accent, and not try and impersonate a foreign accent which sounds ridiculous.

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A note from Marie-Ora

A letter to my readers...

Hi and thank you for viewing my profile.

Are you planning to travel to London as a tourist, business traveller or student in the near future?

We help people to feel like insiders in a city that can be very intimidating if you don’t know it well.

Simply put, we help you to pronounce the weird and wonderful London place names that distinguish people from being locals or clueless outsiders.

I specialize in pronunciation of London place names which is difficult enough in many instances if you are English speaking and downright unnerving if English is your second or third language.

You know how quirky English pronunciation is, right? It’s what make it so hard to learn how to say words like ‘ought’, ‘bough’, ‘rough’ and ‘cough’. Well, while many London place names are simple, others are deceptive and it’s impossible to get their pronunciations right using rules you have learned.

Up to now, you had to fumble for directions, make mistakes, or dread having to say many names in case you have them completely wrong.

Even if you are a tourist, no-one wants to stand out like a sore thumb. For business travellers confidence is everything and being able to confidently say London place names with make you feel like you are projecting yourself as someone who is au fait with the city.

That just one aspect of Pronounce London. The city is changing faster than any time in history and and with droves of new visitors and workers from all over the world.

I want to preserve these weird and wonderful London pronunciations before they are lost. They are a piece of British Heritage and I believe they are worth saving.

Go to Pronounce London today and browse through our database of London place names with audio and simple phonetic respelling which are both interesting and educational. There is absolutely no cost to you. This site is absolutely free to use, at no risk and with no personal information gathered.

If you want any more information or have any queries about London pronunciations, click on the link below and send me a message.